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I am living with a random family and they have two lil girls who are so funny and sweet one of them saved me her smarties and they were really excited to meet me and they went to bed then their parents gave me wine and they鈥檙e so nice and yaaay I was really scared about like getting in the way in the mornings and when I鈥檓 making dinner but they leave early and work late so I shouldn鈥檛 be in the way aaaand the guy is veggie and the rest of the family don鈥檛 eat much meat like obvs idc cuz I鈥檓 making my own food but it saves the whole, ugh we have some awkward girl who doesn鈥檛 eat meat living with us aaand now I鈥檓 nervous for starting my placement tomorrow in brain injury which should be really interesting but also super difficult and I hope they鈥檙e niceeee

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(by Sarah Ryhanen)

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when my friend saw me with my hair cut she looked at me all puzzled and was like ????????u look different???????with ur hair cut?????? ur hair is……. so neat!!!!!1 and is it…..brushed??!!!

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H&M (拢20)

Feel like an elf rn

Feel like an elf rn

My hair cut I got today looks great but my face today does not u win some u lose some

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Corky鈥檚 reaction when she鈥檚 hears a recording of her family vocalizing. As the second gif shows Corky starts shaking violently.

Corky has been held captive for 44 years. At the age of 3 she was ripped away from the ocean and her mother in British Columbia and sent to live in a tank at Marineland of the Pacific.聽

Corky has been pregnant 7 times, but all her calves died. The longest living calf only lived 45 days after birth.聽

During her last pregnancy she was moved to Seaworld San Diego. She remains there to this day while her family still lives in the waters in British Columbia, Canada.聽

This video made me cry.

This video still haunts me

hate is not a strong enough word to describe how i feel about sea world.

Fuck SeaWorld in the ass


woke up early to do a car boot sale now i鈥檓 sleepy also i鈥檓 glad i don鈥檛 have two hands cuz idek what to do with one